Operation Sukuma Sakhe is a provincial programme that was founded on the premises of taking government to the people in a coordinated manner. It is determined to overcome the issues that have destroyed the communities such as poverty, unemployment, crime, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and TB.

  • War room Meetings
  • Public Service Voluntary Week

Due to Scarted areas it resulted the ward having 2 war rooms, which is main War room in Stoffelton and Satelite Warroom at Mahlutshuni.]


The war room takes place every first Friday of the month at Stoffelton Community Care Centre. The war room is functional.


The war room takes place every first Thurday of the month at Mahlutshini Community Hall. The war room is functional.


The war room takes place every third Wednesday of the month at Mbaliyezwe Community Hall. The war room is functional.


The war room takes place every first Wednesday of the month at Impendle Thusong Services Centre. The war room is functional.


The war room takes place every first Tuesday of the month at Vezokuhle Creche. The war room is functional.


They sit monthly second Tuesday of the month at Impendle Thusong Services Centre.


The current Housing Sector Plan will be reviewed and updated as its life span elapsed. The municipality has been requesting for financial assistance from the Department of Human Settlements from 2014 to utilize the funds of the department held at the municipality to review the sector plan. There is been a positive response in 2015 however later changed. The municipality is struggling to source funds to review this sector plan due to the tight budget the municipality operates with. The Housing Chapter is a summarized version of the Housing Sector Plan and focuses on certain key areas for the IDP. For more detailed information reference should be made to the Housing Sector Plan

The Human Settlements Section is staffed by a Manager (Infrastructure & Planning Services), 1 Human Settlements Officer, Local Economic Development Officer and a Town Planner. The Human Settlement Officer reports to the Manager I&PS. The HSO is responsible for all housing projects and has to regularly liaise with Implementing Agents and relevant government departments, and monitor progress and compile reports for Council. He works closely with the Provincial Department of Human Settlements and other stakeholders, eliciting their assistance and attendance at meetings to address challenges and thereby ensuring that housing delivery is at its premium and not short changed in any way.


Current housing demand is categorized as follows:
Housing demand in Urban Area: 600 (Impendle Village Project 500 and Rental stock 100)
Housing demand in Rural Areas: 4 000
Total demand: 4 600
These figures are taken from our database as per the statistics and will be verified when the sales administration process is undertaken at commencement of a project.


Over the years there had been an influx of people from the rural to the urban areas of especially Impendle Village and rural areas close to the village like Gomane, Nhlabamkhosi and this makes the population of Village and these surrounding areas to be highly increased. Reasons for the influx could be attributed to improved work opportunities, saving on transport costs and proposed improved schooling. Unfortunately with the population growth there have been social problems such as increase in crime levels and health problems. Previous planning of the existing towns did not take this urbanization into consideration resulting in bulk services being inadequate; the Village Project form part of Local Township and might contribute to the closest working environment since the village is growing. The UMgungundlovu District Municipality is set to intervene by providing with bulk services and refuse removal will be catered by Local Municipality (ILM) and Street lighting by the Eskom/DoHS. This project is a Greenfield project and has no informal dwelling currently. The UMDM has committed to provide the bulk services for Village Housing Project with will entirely benefit the whole village and surroundings as they will provide Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for the use of 5000 households

Proper education programmes for the occupants shall be needed to avoid illegal connections, misuse of facilities and social education with respect to township coexistence during the occupation of the Village project and this is also executed under the Housing Consumer Education programme to all other areas within Impendle to ensure people are being workshopped of a good behaviour living. Proper maintenance of property shall be encouraged. Road reserves maintenance and refuse collection shall be done by the Impendle Local Municipality. The land for village housing project is available and belongs to the Municipality as erf: 10000.


The Municipality has no informal slums currently and as most of the land is governed by Ingonyama Trust under the supervision of Inkosi S. Zuma, Inkosi Molefe, Inkosi Dlamini and Inkosi Duma. Therefore, the total number of slums at Impendle is considered to be nil. However, a high percentage of the homes in the rural areas of Impendle are of constructed of soil and Thatch materials and cannot withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy snowfall in the area annually. Therefore, the insitu projects have been proposed for the rural areas to enable poor people to have access to adequate shelter and since the inception of these insitu houses construction people’s lives have been changing for better.


The Municipality has set aside land for Village housing. Land acquired from Department of Rural Development Land Reform for Upper Makhuzeni and Clearance areas at Clearance / Makhuzeni Project is in the process of being transferred to Impendle Local Municipality, the Development Rights Agreement has been given but needed to be rectified then, for Lower Makhuzeni area the Department of Human Settlement has given a Development Rights Agreement (DRA). The reviewed housing sector plan will identify other specific potential land parcels for future planned projects, particularly for Ward 1 Phase 2 Housing Projects (densification).


The level of services provided will comply with the Housing Code 2009 and as or amended and in terms of the conditions stipulated in the planning approval. Refuse removal and road maintenance are services that are rendered by the local Municipality.


Umgungundlovu District Municipality is responsible for bulk services such as water reticulation and sanitation. The District Municipality as an important stakeholder is invited to stakeholder meetings and is involved in housing projects since inception.


Eskom is the service provider and they are implementing electrification in terms of their programme and budget. Eskom has been fully informed of completed, current and future housing projects. The use of solar energy for heating water and providing lighting can be considered for cost saving.


Migration only takes place from Ward to Ward. Since Impendle is a rural area where stable condition exists in terms of settlements, there is no high incommoding migration takes place.


In planning the urban project, cognizance has been taken of the existing transport route, access road and to ensure sustainability of the settlement community provision has been made for schools, open spaces, sports field, crèche, small industry and commercial centre.

The aspect of social viability and sustainability of the project will be adequately addressed in the application for project approval to Council via the SPLUMA [Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act] route which has replaced the PDA [Provincial Development Act].

The Impendle Village project 500 units will be integrated into the Village and all social facilities required by this project are already in place. The infills/Rural projects are already established on social systems. The Municipality through its MIG programme are providing Hall and crèches which eventually will cover most of these communities/amenities. Roads maintenance and upgrades are also being done systematically as funding becomes available through own funding and our MIG programme.

The Department of education has embarked on a programme that is ether the rehabilitation existing schools or constructing new schools to replace derelict schools. DOT are upgrading the main access rough to Tar and have put a number of rehabilitation project into the area to upgrade existing trough routes. The Department of sports and Recreation has invested funds in upgrading sporting facilities and the Municipality is re-grading sports fields in most areas as a when required.

  • The Clerence and Makhuzeni project in Ward 1 was also reported that the Department of Land Reform has finally made the Developmental Rights Agreement and IA submitted it to the Acting Municipal Manager for signatures. It has been signed then.
  • This land will be handed/ transfer to the ILM for ownership and development since title deeds will be issued.
  • Level of service agreement has been signed and sent to the UMDM Manager for endorsement
  • An Agri-Village system has been recommended by the IA to the community.
  • Inguga project is complete, waiting for the close out report from the IA.
  • There are no more new houses to be constructed at the moment.
  • The project closed out at 491 inspected, passed and handed over.
  • 09 units could not be built because of dual applications per umuzi.
  • Inzinga project completed 300 units from uMkomazi to Madwaleni in 2014.
  • Phase 1 project capped at 494units inspected, passed and handed over. 06 units could not be built due to dual applications per umuzi . The project is to be closed out soon.
  • Phase 2 project is smoothly running and shows huge change of human lifestyle.
  • It has been proposed that we might utilize the 20% of the project value to benefit Come and See communities, should this allowance be not feasible they will be the first on next project.
  • There is a need for Phase 3 to cover Come and See area and infills.
  • This project has capped at 535 units inspected, passed and handed over.
  • 12 units could not be built because of dual applications per umuzi.
  • Seven units still pending for construction since they were approved late when the contractor left the site.
  • This project was for 500 units and later incorporated 52 units for disaster housing rehabilitation programme happened in December 2010 at Inzinga, Inguga and Ntshiyabantu.
  • It appears that there is a huge demand/need for Phase 3 projects which seems will accommodate all infills and other areas not accommodated in other projects.
  • This Phase will cover Ward 1 to Ward 4 with 500 units subsequently.
  • Seven units still pending for construction since they were approved late when the contractor left the site.
  • The DoHS is also working on mechanisms to implement Sukuma Sakhe housing Rehabilitation Programme.
  • There were challenges with this project as initially in 2004 and the VIP toilets were approved as sanitation system. However subsequently the beneficiaries, Community, Councillors and Officials have changed the system to water borne sanitation due to its proximity to the Town of Impendle, health, maintenance costs and esthetics challenges. Cost for the beneficiaries is the same for both systems.
  • UMDM has been approached and later committed to assist with this WWTP in the village.
  • Draft design and a business plane was done and presented to UMDM for funning. Waiting a response from UMDM regarding its support for this project.
  • We also need to amend the service agreement to accommodate this new proposal of waterborne system.

The Impendle municipality does not have any rental stock available for needy occupants like public servants. It appears that there is a need for the municipality to include rental stock in place for future projects to alleviate the dire need for rental stock units which will benefit employees coming outside of Impendle. Municipality can identify the land for Community Rental Housing.


Community expectations with respect to housing delivery are extremely high. Delays in implementing housing projects places elected representatives such as Councillors in an invidious position. Delays due to technical/legal issues cannot be understood by lay people who were promised housing.


We are optimistic that with the assistance and commitment of all stakeholders, time delays will be avoided and projects will be commenced and completed within time frames into the future. The support and dedication from Department of Human Settlements is always appreciable to the Impendle community as the most underprivileged community and the good work of adequate shelter is seen in the area and looking forward covering the outstanding areas with phase 3 projects.



Impendle is responsible for a major of rural access roads that are not maintained by KZN Department of Transport. Many of these roads are in very bad condition and become impassable during the rainy season. Through many years of use without maintenance or hardening, many have developed in deep dongs where storm water continuously deepens them.


Repairs of roads within Impendle Village continues to be done despite budget constraints and insufficient funding. Construction equipment purchased for the Roads maintenance was put into operation in the rural areas of Impendle however due to limited resources no maintenance has been carried out in the financial year of 2017/2018. The Municipality Grader which was regarded as the main core of road maintenance has been out of use as it needs major repairs. The Municipality is working tirelessly to secure funding to purchase new equipment as cost of repairing current plant is beyond it book value.

The municipality have taken a decision to sell the grader and grid roller purchased a more reliable grader which will work effectively and efficiently to improving service delivery.The Municipality is working tirelessly to improve progress without compromising quality on all current road projects.The Municipality has continuous engagements to introduce a recovery plan to escalate service delivery by engaging the KZN Department of Transport and uMgungundlovu District in order to assist with re-gravelling of road. Roads which are considered first priority to the community were identified which consist mainly of roads used by public transport supporting majority of houses. The Department of Transport have been instrumental in ensuring that the Municipality continues to deliver it services to the community as it assisted by Grading 8km of roads.

  • 1. Huge backlog
  • 2. Budget constraints
  • 3. Ageing plant
  • 4. Inadequate resources

Despite the challenges the municipality continues to work around the clock to provide services. The MIG funding continues to play a vital role in assisting the municipality with executing basic service delivery through infrastructure projects. Roads maintenance and construction has become a first priority for majority of Impendle residents as it provides easy access to their homes, allows public transport to operate within walking distances to peoples home, allow government departments to have easy access to communities in need


A road and infrastructure plan was put in place to commit a portion of MIG funding into the 2017/2018 financial year.


The Thusong Centre of Impendle Municipality is situated at Impendle Village in Ward 3. The Centre became opera ti onal in 2010. The strategic objectives of the centre is to bring government information and services closer to people to promote access to opportunities as a basis for improved livelihoods. To promote cost effective, efficient and sustainable service provision to better serve the needs of citizens. To build sustainable partnership with government, business and civil society to create a platform for greater dialogue between citizen and government. The following departments and service providers are operational at Impendle Thusong Services Centre Monday-Friday from 8h00 to 16:00:

  • Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • UMDM (Water & Sanitation)
  • NYDA
  • Disability Desk
  • Information Desk
  • Telecentre
  • Ithala ATM Services within the walking distance:
  • Impendle Library
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Social Development
  • Post Office
  • SAPS
  • Clinic Mobile services at the Thusong Services Centre operational once a week
  • Department of Labour
  • Ithala Bank Outreach Programmes from the TSC
  • Mobile Thusong Centre
  • Information Day / Open Day
  • LTT and War room Meetings (Operation Sukuma Sakhe)

Conference Facilities and Meetings every day the target groups are NGOs, NPOs, CBOs, Government Departments, Sukuma Sakhe, Waroom, Municipal meetings and Functions. The centre is adequately utilized by community members and various departments and organisations however, it cannot accommodate bigger events there is no sufficient space further extension is required.



The Man & Machine Off Road Motorbike event is a privately owned and run event held annually in KZN. This year, Boston, KZN, was the host area. The event took place at The Boston and was run over 2 days. The event drew over 400 riders who entered the event with approximately 100 supporters. The event was a huge success and generated sizeable income and exposure for the Boston/Impendle area.


Riders came from all over South Africa – Cape Town, Durban, PMB and Johannesburg with a few overseas riders from the United Kingdom. Local riders from Howick, Underberg and Nottingham Road also entered the event.


The following accommodation establishments benefitted hugely from this event and had 100% occupancy over the 3
nights (27th, 28th and 29th July):
Everglades Hotels
Boschberg Cottages
Mount Park
Elvesida Guest Farm
La Lapa
Boston T Party
Stormy Hills
Impendle B&B
Overflow guests were accommodated in Howick and Bulwer.


The following local businesses benefited from the event:
The Boston Garage
The Boston Cash Store
Mpolo Trading Pty Ltd Catering Company, Impendle
Although the following business perhaps did not enjoy huge business turnover, they gained much exposure:
Elephant Leather Works, Impendle
Impendle Crafters ( Inqanawe Furniture & Zamani Craft Club)


A substantial amount of money was donated from the event to Zamokuhle School, Boston, and arrangements were made to have their toilet facilities fixed. A large donation of clothing and toys was also made directly to the school. A further donation of clothing was given to the NGO situated in Impendle to distribute to those in need.


As one can see, the exposure and financial benefits that were gained by businesses in the Boston/Impendle area by holding an event of this size and nature, were huge. The involvement of the local municipality added to the all-inclusiveness of the event.


Impendle Municipality attended the annual tourism Indaba Trade Show that took place in the month of May where local businesses had an opportunity to market their businesses that are tourism based. The community tourism organizations attended the trade show for 3 days. It was a great experience for the local businesses to finally attend this biggest trade show in Africa. The main objective of the show is to market the area and the businesses who are within that particular jurisdiction of its products, uniqueness and what different offer can tourism experience that cannot befound anywhere else.


There are monthly CTO meeting that are taking place to speed up all tourism processes that the committee feels they are the foundation of the CTO in order to be operational and have more buy in from the sectoral player within Impendle. Some of the more critical Discussions in these meetings is mentoring the growing businesses from the disadvantaged groups who are in tourism sector. Boston businesses are receiving tourism but activities are within the Impendle side and there is going to be plan drawn up on how tourism visiti ng Boston can visit these sites and events in the local areas, so communities need to be made aware of the tourism sector or structure that exists within the municipality and opportunities that can be offered by the industry. Logo design, website, social media page and establishment of routes and reviving existing ones, are some of the foundations processes that the Impendle Boston Committee CTO is currently busy with.


Municipality had filed an application for two candidates through a programme by Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, called Tourism Graduate Development Programme. The programme is aimed to assist tourism Graduates to get a 12-month experience so they can be employable. They place graduates to their hometown municipalities and pay them a monthly stipend. Impendle municipality receive two candidates, one is placed from six months doing in-service training and one 12 month internship both from ward3 kwakhetha and Ntokozweni.


Crafters have raised concern of having a local market because they have work in their working sites but only get one chance to showcase or sell their work during exhibitions organised by municipality. Weekly visits to crafters are conducted but there is a challenge of limited municipal vehicles that ends up affecting the duties supposed to be done in ward level and cannot visit all crafters and other appointment cannot be fulfilled due to the lack of vehicle matter.


Homestays have been fully booked as from the end of September until now they are still receiving students who stays for three nights. Three groups have visited in the duration of two months and 4 households have benefited. This shows that tourism have a huge role in uplifting local economy.


New gallery is being created for Impendle this is to assist updating the area as one of the potential tourism destination and for the Film Commission destination scouting.


Impendle Local Municipality in partnership with National and Provincial department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs did a programme of taking learners from high Schools who are doing Tourism as a Subject to participate in this programme. The main objective was to introduce learners to the industry and equip them of what opportunities can be offered by the industry and career to pursues. The tour took place on the 12th December 2017 at Karkloof Canopy Tours. The school who participated were Lugaju Secondary School and Siyazama Secondary School and we took 10 learners per School.
For more information on tourism and events please visit www.bditourism.co.za


The special programmes offi ce has partnered with isihlangu se Ntuthuko and Siyakhula development in assisting the emerging business and NP03 around impendle by assisting them to be registered. on August 35 cooperatives were already received their certificates and 10 NP0’s together with our partners we organised the impendle business Expo that was held at Hlelolusha community hall on the 25 of September 2018. Over 100 business have attended the Expo and lot of presentation were done by big companies and entities on their funding procedure.


The rural development has funded the orchard farming at mahlutshini in ward 01. There will be planting 25 hectors of fruit trees. the area has already been fenced. On the 16 July 2018 there will be a tree planting. Izinkonjane children care center have received the grant from lotto of R 80 000. Also, Lotheni sewing coop have received the funding from KZN wildlife sewing machines and the building structure at ward 01.


The special programmes office in quarter 1 and 2 of the year 2017/18 have conducted the basic computer training of 250 matriculants students from various schools across Impendle. The special programmes office has patnered with Thembalethu Trust In offering that training. We have also facilitated the establishment of the children protection forum within impendle and launch of the junior council. The members of junior council have already participated in provincial child ambassador development in Bergville and they also participated in children’s parliament and boys camp. The junior council is championing children’s rights and promote education to other children. They have started to visit all schools at first Friday of the month. The council has already been started preparation for the 16 days of activism against the child and women abuse.


The special programmes office has partnered with Amasiko Trading Enterprise and amasiko will apply for funding at services seta to fund the leaners who participated on the internship programme have commenced in April 2018 with 15 graduates placed in various departments some at DSD, schools, police, and various sections within the municipality. All the 15 students are from Impendle and all of them receive their monthly stipends through amasiko and services seta.


The annual Take a Girl Child to work initiative gave 20 Pupils from Impendle High Schools a chance to experience a working environment hosted by Impendle Local Municipality (ILM) in collaboration with The Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Health, Department of Social Development (DSD) , South African Police Services (SAPS) and South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) on the 25th of May, as we celebrate Child Protection week.

The students participated in an on-the-job shadowing with all the Departments, the learners were informed of career options available within ILM, DoJ, Department of Health, DSD, SAPS and SASSA followed by The launch of Junior Council, were some of the learners with in the Schools were selected to represent learners at KZN legislature. Take a Girl Child to Work Day will become a respected drive, which Impendle Local Municipality will turn it into a culture and yearly practice endorsing it further to impart knowledge to girls coming from disadvanted backgrounds, where career guidance is scarce.

“The aim of the initiative is to provide girl children with real life platforms to deepen their thinking and aspirations about their roles in society and which careers they want to follow after matric. Our role as ILM is to continue to show our commitment by uplifting communities in Impendle”, Said Simphiwe Mlaba – Impendle Local Municipality Special.


After the Take a girl child to work programme, there was a launch of the Junior Council. Some Learners selected to participate at Provincial and National Parliament. Amongst the learners Nosphephelo Dladla -from Sminza High School chosen to be the Mayor. The council focuses mainly on identifying and solving problems faced by the childrenon a day-to-day basis. There was a joint sitting of the junior council followed by a debate from the learner’s address problems affecting all children by means of active change. The council also increases its reach to helping any groups of people who need it, in the aim of inspiring them to help those around them. Young people are NOT the leaders of tomorrow; they are leaders of NOW! There is no age on leadership. For the girls who participated on the Take a girl child to work this was a great opportunity for to part of the programme as it has opened their eyes to other possible career paths


The establishment of the Youth unit in the municipality was informed by the National Youth Commission Act, the National Youth Policy Framework, the National Youth Policy and the National Youth Development Agency Act. These frameworks guide all the government institutions in their youth work and all activities and programs aim at improving the lives of young people in the country. The unit is responsible for coordinating and facilitati ng youth programs, including sporting activities. To improvement cooperative working relation, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the municipality and the National


The unit has successfully established youth cooperatives in all wards and gave training, and registered with the assistance of NYDA under their Rural Development CDF Program. We have applied for another four youth cooperatives to be registered who are already working but still waiting for the response. We have also registered 16 youth business and trained them on starting a business under NYDA Program ,4 youth were referred for business management training which leads on getting funding, still waiting for response. The year 2017/18 we have been visiting the wards trying to find youth who are unable to access the office due to various reasons, the purpose was to make them aware of the opportunities the municipality and government have.

We visited all CWP’s sites to present the programs we have. We have opened a satellite youth office at Ward 1 (Khanyisani enter) with the assistance of NYDA where youth can access the services easily. The municipality has assisted a number of youth on skills development programs, the purpose for this is to help the youth be able to identify their skills and start a living on it. We have also been participating on encouraging the youth to get education and assisted them with the fees, we hosted a Carrier Exhibition where the youth came and seek information to the institutions they which to study with. We had given the youth a opportunity to do their in-service training and gave stipends for the transport. The Municipality had a youth day celebration where the youth was motivated to be the change in the communities and also do good and to focus on their future and avoid social ills , also celebrated the whole youth month by doing virus activities in different wards

  • CAO payments for 65 learners
  • NSFAS applications to more than 500 people with the assistance of NYDA
  • Skills Development workshop for youth by NYDA (Job Preparedness) for youth looking for employment and still applying, this included even the writing of CV’s preparing for an interview and building self confidence


The establishment of the disability unity in the municipalities was detected by a policy taken from the provincial Disability Parliament of 2011, aimed at improving the lives of people with disability in the country. Mainstreaming of this sector in projects and programmes of the municipality are the core fundamentals of why the unity exists. This is achieved through advocacy, intersectoral collaboration, capacity development, monitoring and evaluation.

The importance for the establishment of this unity was based on the need for equity and access to development opportunities for disability as pointed within the National Development plan that drives the development agenda within the country this filters down to provinces well in ensuring gender mainstreaming. Disability forum was established in 2013 hence providing for a deliberation of issues affecting this vulnerable group. The dialogue was conducted on social issues affecting people with disabilities. All wards are represented in this structure. This unity has successfully placed the 4 individuals on contract under department of transport. The municipality held a number of events for the people with disabilities throughout the year. The following are some of the events that took place during the year 2017-2018.

Summit for people with disabilities: people with disabilities partake on the summit every year at district, provincial and National PWD parliament. Impendle Local municipality facilitate and support this initiative annually through sending delegates to attend.



Impendle, Inzinga, Stoffelton libraries seeks to promote open exchange for ideas through free access to information and to provide both educational and recreational resources to meet the demand of its community.

  • To extend library services to Nzinga, Stoffelton and surrounding areas.
  • Impendle library as the main library, giving support to Inzinga Municipal library by attending to user’s needs.
  • To purchase books that will support school pupils, and empower the community with diff erent life skills.
  • To ensure that in the stock books on career guidance are provided.
  • Provide study area for school pupils till 6h00 in the afternoon.
  • Provide support to adult basic education.
  • To identify, promote and develop up and coming local writing talent.

In our municipality library services is not easily accessible by the majority of our community as our community is largely rural, hence the establishment of Inzinga and Stoffelton libraries.

  • Our library membership has increased to both Inzinga and Impendle library since our last promotion.
  • The Library that was discovered during the 2015/16 Financial Year in Lotheni had limitation in the supply of Books.The Municipality has been supplying Block Loan books to keep it sustained. The challenge is that it is well accessible due to its geographical location, access road and its size is too small.
  • The ideal location will be next to the Clinic, Hall and Crèche in Mahlutshini Area.

Adults :2878
Young adults :1111
Juveniles :1036
Total : 5025
The above is the membership that we have, I will not include circulation because they vary from month to month.


Lotheni has a minimum membership of 60


Inzinga Library has a membership of 200


This unity was formally established in 2011 by appointing the designated Senior Citizens coordinator. This unity was established with an aim of shaping this sector (Senior Citizens) within the municipality; support elderly clubs, include Senior Citizens in sport through golden games, include elders in economic transformation, organise healthy awareness and monitoring their forum in making sure that their fully functioning. Senior Citizens Forum was established in 2013 hence providing for a deliberation on issues affecting the Senior Citizens

Municipality held the number of events for Senior Citizens throughout the year, the following are some of the events that took place during the year 2017-2018.

  • Senior citizens forum capacity session took place on the 27-29 June 2018
  • 4 Forum meetings took place, one per quarter
  • Golden Games ward trainings, Local selections.
  • Golden Games district trainings and selections
  • Visit on senior citizens clubs (to monitor their hand works/craft s)
  • Senior citizens forum relaunched


Network Coverage problems, it only involves GSM and 3G and not fixed line like- Microwave as yet. That will be in my next report and fortunately here we have alternative satellite access that we could offer.

With regards to GSM then, below is the current status:

Current- 7 Towers/Bay Stations
Planned 2 Towers/Bay Stations

Site Status Service offered Planned date
Loteni Live GSM,EDGE
Kwagade Live GSM, GPRS
Nzinga Live GSM, GPRS
Novuka Live GSM, EDGE
Impendle Live GSM, GPRS ,3G
Boston Hill Live GSM, EDGE
Ivanhoe Farm MN1 Live GSM, GPRS
Wuthering Heights Planned
Lindokuhle Planned

The reason why all the live sites are not EDGE enabled is because of transmission constraints. Lindokuhle is in the EIA process but was previously rejected so there is no guarantee we will get the site, Withering Heights has been planned but never perused, the area is also very sparsely populated and this is one of the factors that determines whether new sites are built or not. I am unable to provide any estimated time frames based on this information.

Loteni and Boston Hill are what we call “sectored” sites, they have directional antennas providing coverage in a specific direction, the other sites are “omnis” which covers 360°. Regards

As you can see, some challenges can be internally escalated and some very little can be done, but there are some which require external intervention like way leaves and Environmental Impact Assessments(EIA).