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Izandla Zothando Foundation is an emerging Non Profit Organisation capitalize on helping the 069Community industry to fight poverty ,drugs ,crime and create job opportunities amongst the community of Impendle, KwaZulu Natal as well as the whole country. The Organisation was established in 2006, we are  helping orphans most needy families and fighting crime  and drugs and the organisation was registered on October 2011 as  a Non Profit Organisation, NPO No: 094  457. We saw the need of togetherness because alone you can do so little together we can do more to help our government deliver effectively to all corners of South Africa especially Impendle. The Operation Sukuma Sakhe is the strongest tool we are using to help our community effectively ( Thanks to Dr Zweli Mkhize and Dr May Mkhize and Impendle Municipality for recognising our NPO as the best when it comes to helping and developing lives of the most needy individuals).   Izandla Zothando Foundation focuses mainly on  helping the community to fight poverty, drugs ,crime and create job opportunities ,  as well as other related services mainly at Impendle and in  the region of KwaZulu Natal, However in future Izandla Zothando Foundation  plans to deliver their services into the regions of the country as well as internationally and also plan to acquire the best resources for all jobs.   Izandla Zothando Foundation is also proud of the services and commitment they have provided and displayed in the transfer of skills to all talented candidates. Mr Wonderful Dlamini and his colleagues are committed to the promotion of small, medium and large sized business in South Africa. We believe that in order to be successful, it is vital that we demonstrate strong business ethics, customer focus and ability to exceed communities expectation with high degree of technical.

                   VISION Changing lives in Impendle

  • To see a very happy community no crime, drugs and poverty free society. To stand as a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit in action, showing sound ethical values and 100_0810offering opportunities to turn the world around creating job opportunities in order to decrease number of unemployment people.
  • Our vision is to strive for better services excellence and offer reliable and long term community support with easy channels of communication.
  • By 2018 we want to have more than 50 permanent jobs through sports to unite our youth and fight poverty, crime and drugs.
  • Restore hope and dignity.






  • We pride ourselves in our specialized ability to deliver and support the identified demands of any underprivileged community members.


  • Our organisation is committed to provide the good community service.
  • Compliance with rules and regulations of the country.
  • In line with ethical business practice.
  • Izandla Zothando Foundation  ensures to delivery all the logistics applying over business ethics such as efficiency, professionalism and time management.
  • We intend using a 100 % dedicated organizational team
  • We have excellent project management
  • Effective and efficient service provision.


To help the needy in Implendle and many other areas around the world. To look after orphans that nobody can In case of disasters we want to help especially in Impendle because of tornadoes, heavy rains and wind. Any one with no food, clothes and home will get helped. To serve our elders with the love, dignity and respect that they deserve according to the legal and Social welfare concerns

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