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GSM Cover

Network Coverage problems, it only involves GSM and 3G and not fixed line like- Microwave as yet. That will be in my next report and fortunately here we have alternative satellite access that we could offer.

With regards to GSM then, below is the current status:

Current- 7 Towers/Bay Stations
Planned 2 Towers/Bay Stations

Site Status Service offered Planned date
Loteni Live GSM,EDGE
Kwagade Live GSM, GPRS
Nzinga Live GSM, GPRS
Novuka Live GSM, EDGE
Impendle Live GSM, GPRS ,3G
Boston Hill Live GSM, EDGE
Ivanhoe Farm MN1 Live GSM, GPRS
Wuthering Heights Planned
Lindokuhle Planned

Attached is the coverage slides for such.

The reason why all the live sites are not EDGE enabled is because of transmission constraints. Lindokuhle is in the EIA process but was previously rejected so there is no guarantee we will get the site, Withering Heights has been planned but never perused, the area is also very sparsely populated and this is one of the factors that determines whether new sites are built or not. I am unable to provide any estimated time frames based on this information.

Loteni and Boston Hill are what we call “sectored” sites, they have directional antennas providing coverage in a specific direction, the other sites are “omnis” which covers 360°. Regards

As you can see, some challenges can be internally escalated and some very little can be done, but there are some which require external intervention like way leaves and Environmental Impact Assessments(EIA)

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